The wooden floors exude warmth and harmony to the spaces. Why deprive yourself of having a nice wooden floor when they think that their maintenance is difficult and escalvizante?

Here we will give you some tips and we will offer you a series of products that will make the daily cleaning a work fast and pleasant.


For more than 50 years of experience manufacturing the best lacquers and finishing products for wood floors, CARVER has picked up the experiences and needs of end users and has developed a wide range of products ranging from the daily cleaning of the floor up to the development of professional solutions for the maintenance and restoration.

One of the great advantages of CARVER products is that they can be used in both natural wood, as in laminated.

  Newly painted floors
  Floors with minor wear
Soon Polish Parquet
Determine Parquet
Bel Parquet

It is a two in one (clean and polished at the same time) that comes ready to use, self-shining and with pleasant aroma. It is our recommendation for wooden floors INFANT lacquer.

Its application is very simple: simply sweeping or vacuuming the dust and pour the product directly on the floor, either from the container or with the help of a vaporizer (spray) and spread the product evenly over the entire surface to deal with the aid of a ragpicker or with a slightly damp soft cloth.

Drying time is approximately 15 minutes, after which time the floor can be depressing normally.

Soon Polish Parquet contains natural waxes and biodegradable detergents in 90 %. This product does not change (increases or decreases) the natural shine of the lacquer applied to the wood floor.

Soon Polish Parquet can be used in hardwood floors, laminate floors and structured *

Presentation: 1 liter
Performance: 70 m2/liter – approx.

* Recommended to test a small area before use.


Concentrated detergent, water-dilutable easily.

Recommended for thorough cleaning of the soil.

This product is ideal for cleaning the wooden floor after a meeting or for the daily cleanliness in restaurants, commercial premises or high-traffic areas.

To perform the deep cleaning of the floor simply mix 1 cap to determine Parquet in 1 liter of water (WARM if possible), and implement with the help of a Trapero moistened in this mixture. For laminate flooring, the amount of bound Parquet flooring must be reduced to 1/2 cap.

If necessary, rinse the Trapero with clean water and return to apply the mixture.

When there are stubborn stains such as grease or brands of shoe soles can be moistened a rag with a 1:1 mixture of parquet and determine Water, rub gently with your hand on the stain and clean immediately with clean water.

You should NEVER apply the pure Determine parquet, could damage the finish on the floor.

Determine Parquet can be used in hardwood floors, laminate floors and structured.

Presentation: 1 liter
Performance: with 1 liter of determined Parquet can be prepared up to 100 liters of cleaning mixture.


Self-polishing wax list for employment.

Bel Parquet floor is our recommendation when the wood floors macizacomienzan to show a slight deterioration by normal use or when you have other products applied type POLISH water based on the floor.

This deterioration is evident because the floor is losing its natural brightness gradually due to the small dings or scratches on the surface.

After cleaning with certain parquet, wait for the floor dry and proceed to implement Bel parquet on the floor, either from the container or with the help of a spray, spread the Bel Parquet with the help of a fashion whore or a slightly damp soft cloth.

Leave it to dry. If the brightness is not the desired result, proceed to a new application of Bel parquet.

Bel Parquet intensifies the brightness of the floor, its use is recommended only on floors finished with Semi Bright and shiny.

Presentation: 1 liter
Performance: 60 m2/liter – approx.