Lately there has asked these questions:

What do you do with the decks to keep their color for a longer period of time?

Why should I be doing maintenance every three or four months?

Are there any product that will let me protect the wood to the outside without going bankrupt or fall off?

Can I change the color of the wood without losing the vein?

  + Colorhit Aquanatur System. The solution for foreign  

In the market we found a series of products to finish the wood installed (Decks and pergolas) or used (furniture) to the outside world, the vast majority are oils of natural origin: linseed, teak and pine, among others.

In general, are products of good quality and properly used to hydrate the wood … But are they suitable as product for final finish?

The oils are proofing agents and do not form a film on the wood nor sealed the pore of the same as they are absorbed, it is for this reason that the wood treated with oil tend to have a natural finish because its brightness remains unchanged.

In the tropical areas are frequent the strong changes of climate, we had to be under the bright sunshine and with a temperature of 40 °C and in a matter of minutes you will reach the downpour. It is at this precise moment in which the wood treated with oil lose finishing products: while it is hot, the oil is heated within the wood and tends to exit to the surface … to reach the downpour oil is washing.

Now, in view of the fact that the impregnation products are "lost" so easily, and do not form film on the wood use of products that if these movies, but with the disadvantage that these do not have enough elasticity to allow them to absorb the movement of the wood and begin to crack and finish by fall out, leaving the wood without adequate protection.

It is here where the system + AQUANATUR COLORHIT becomes the appropriate decision for this type of use as they combine the high elasticity and excellent adhesion of AQUANATUR with UV protection and colors of the COLORHIT.