Gym Flooring


These are one of the most demanding applications, factors such as the slip resistance and wear resistance are particularly important because these depends on the safety of the athletes.

CARVER puts at your disposal three solutions that met to the satisfaction the provisions in the UNI-EN 14904:2006 "SURFACES FOR SPORTS AREAS. SPECIFICATIONS FOR MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS FLOORING INSIDE".

  Solutions for Sports Floors  

The norm UNI-EN 14904:2006 "SURFACES FOR SPORTS AREAS. SPECIFICATIONS FOR MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS FLOORING INSIDE" brings together the set of technical standards that must be met by the sports floors. Within it are highlighted the resistance to abrasion or wear and friction or resistance to slippage.

  Abrasion Resistance  

Regulated by the standard UNE-EN-ISO 5470-1, it states that the maximum permissible weight loss after performing the test of accelerated wear is 80 mg.

After 1000 cycles, using wheels or abrasive wheels CS-10 and applying vertical load of 500 gr. CARVER performs its tests with a vertical load of 1000 gr. to achieve an abrasive effect stronger.

The smaller the loss in mg. , the greater its resistance.

  Friction – Resistance to slippage  

Regulated by the standard UNE-EN-13036-4, it sets the interval in which must be the index PTV obtained with the test of the pendulum. The Standard establishes this interval between 80 and 110.

With a uniformity of ±4. The higher the index PTV obtained, will have more grip the surface.