Once it has been chosen the species of wood to install come two decisions that will define its style:

Choose the type of effect that you want to achieve: bleaching of the wood, protruded from the vein, to preserve its natural tone or, perhaps, a change of color.

Determine the resistance of the lacquer according to the use or traffic that will be submitted on floor: Commercial, Commercial High, Heavy, Heavy Heavy High and Very High.

  The varnished wood floor  

To ensure optimum performance it is necessary to apply three hands or finishing coats. This process is known as FINISHING CYCLE.

A FINISHING CYCLE composed of three hands of lacquer or varnish is the ideal, as it is achieved with this better adhesion of the finish because the penetration of the lacquer in the wood is greater.

  Election of the VARNISHED CYCLE depending on the desired effect on the Wood  


This scheme helps us to choose the required products according to the effect that we want achieve in our wood floor:

"If you’re looking for keep the tone of the grain of the wood, i.e. leave the apartment with the more natural looking as possible we can use lacquers Omega and House.

With Epsilon, we will highlight the tone of the wood of a mild form.

Delta and Sigma will react with the tannins in the wood and will highlight your vein in a moderate way, achieving tones more warm and slightly reddish.


VERY IMPORTANT: The coloration or change in tone with the product COLORHIT does not replace the application of any of the layers, or hands that make up the finishing cycle, on the contrary, is a layer or additional hand that is applied directly on the newly polished wood.